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A native of Detroit Lakes, MN, Attorney Simon George has been a lifelong resident of the area and has spent years practicing law in the area. The attorney is in a position to take on cases and help people all over northern and central Minnesota.

Simon George is an accomplished Minnesota trial lawyer with a successful record of accomplishment in resolving complicated criminal cases. He has particularly stood out with his ability to defend and dispose of some of the most difficult criminal cases in Northern and Central Minnesota.

Attorney Simon George is an experienced trial lawyer. He has taken on numerous cases and won acquittals for his clients many times. A criminal defense attorney for over 22 years, the attorney is devoted to his practice in a wide range of criminal including but not limited to DUI’s, DWI’s’ assaults, murders, drug cases, and sex crimes

Driven by common sense as his strongest asset, the attorney has been able to negotiate the best solution a wide range of criminal cases. He also has expertly prepared cases for trial and fairly represented the defendants in a trial. As a criminal defense lawyer, the attorney is skilled in interviewing witnesses, applying prudence in performing legal research, creating relevant exhibits for demonstrations in court, finding supplementary evidence in support of his client’s case or for arguments against charges from the prosecution. The attorney is also an expert in examining of the criminal scene to get the right angle of defense and on getting expert defense witnesses, and cross-examination of prosecution witnesses who testify in court.

With his experience, comes his success story with many acquittals and dismissals of criminal cases. Attorney Simon George has been able to see many cases come to a fruitful resolution with their clients being released by poking into prosecution flaws that have been presented before him.

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We provide affordable legal services in the surrounding areas of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.

Our services include: Criminal Defense, DWI and Driving Offenses.

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